letter to myself


Dear young me,


I hope this finds you well, and you are taking good care of yourself.

When you are young, as you are, and don’t own much monetarily, materially or emotionally, you are busy making a living and pursuing your dream at the same time.

You are capable of doing so, physically and mentally.

You are so susceptible to influences.

You are so innocent that you get inspired powerlessly.

You are so pure that you are oblivious to fear.

You truly believe that the sky’s the limit.

You live on anticipation, prospect and hope.


I had a job when I was your age.

I did not seek what my dream was, though.

I let time go by.

I have gotten old…yes, OLD, I said it.

I am not able to do as much as I used to.

I rest and sleep more.

I see and talk to people less.

I believe that time for me to think of myself–only myself, is now.

I get to do what I want when I want.

I am now reaching for my dream.

And, I am aware that this “me time” does not last forever, and shall cherish it while I can.

I am mature enough to appreciate what I have at the moment.


Sincerely yours,




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