Hi, what have you been up to?

I cleaned up his closet and drawers today. Couldn’t throw everything away, but was able to rid of some stuff— stained and ripped clothes.

Wasn’t able to till now. Wanted to keep them as the way they were when he was alive.

It was as hard as you can imagine. As if I was moving on without him, disregarding his existence and presence, and letting him go to the place where I can never reach him. Having to acknowledge that Earth still revolves, Sun rises in the morning and sets late afternoon, and people go on with their daily lives, and I remain at the exact same place, feeling the exact same pain…

Still, I am okay.

I haven’t forgotten how to breathe.

I eat, laugh, cry and sleep.

I keep living.

So, love yourself, and love him, now and entirely.

Live your life with him fully, like there’s no tomorrow — literally.

And, you will be just fine.





 Good Tidings

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