“ Be careful. It’s a jungle out there!”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:“Cause, Meet Effect.”

I live in a jungle without seeing other humans for days, but talk to people often enough, not only on the phone but also, owing to Internet technologies, by FaceTime, text messaging, Facebook chatting, and comments with my cyber friends like yourselves. I initiate, of course. Nobody would know whether I am alive or not. I am in the jungle!

I must say that I am beginning to feel at peace and content being alone. I no longer feel the impulse of meeting someone.

Is this good or bad? I am not sure. I do not wish to be a loner who hates the world or who is not able to conform to other humans. But, being physically alone gives me time to look at myself internally.

Holidays used to be the busy time for me. I have never had quiet holidays. Even the time right after my husband passed and people were too careful to include me in their festivities, I worked hard to make sure that they felt comfortable.

Time will come for me to emerge from the jungle and be consumed with other humans again. Till then, I shall enjoy living in peace


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