new year’s eve/年越し

IMG_1906 - V 2 signed


I meandered through.

Finally, here I stumble upon.

Goodbye, 2014.

Hello, 2015.




5 thoughts on “new year’s eve/年越し

  1. Oh, how I LOVE a brand-new year — with all its possibilities! Anything could happen! It could be the greatest year of your life. But you won’t know until you’ve lived it. So get started on that wonderful gift of the Present — YOUR present. It’s very large, so I advise you to start down there at the closest end, marked “January,” and just keep peeling off strips till you reach the other end … the far away one … marked “next December.” Any single year carries the potential to change your life, for better or worse, forever. You’ve already experienced one of the worst. I like to think you are now due for one of the best.


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