for the world’s peace

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:“Agree to Disagree.”


“No,” I said to him.IMG_2324 - V2

He stopped, looked at me for a brief moment, and went back chewing a guava.

“He is testing me, challenging my authority,” I thought.

I inhaled, exhaled, stared at him and gave a stern pull saying, “No,” one more time.

He set his feet firmly and assumed the stance of not budging.

I waited until he swallowed. And then, I jerked the leash with both hands.
“No. Enough. Come.” I lowered my voice.

He was looking back at the guavas on the ground as the leash led him.

I was trembling a bit. I don’t like to argue or confront. It takes a lot of courage and practice for me to be the assertive pack leader of these stubborn dogs.

I am sure that if he could speak human language, he would tell me why I should let him eat his guavas. But, I must tell him why I should not. He would wake himself up with the sound of emitting gas at night.

I don’t know if he would agree with me. But, I certainly hope that we would accept each other’s view and compromise. No fighting or biting.


“Don’t let your next decision threaten the world’s peace.”

Constance Chuks Friday




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