get off on the right two left feet

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

“What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?”


I open my eyes and see gray light spreading outside of my window. The total darkness has dissipated, and cool crisp air of a new day permeates.

IMG_1854I get up and use the facility, before dogs stir, jump off the bed and stretch.

I then put the harnesses on them and headlight on me. When we are ready, off we go, out the door, into the wild.

The sun hasn’t shown its face yet, still under the trees and bushes. A stream of dull light from the headlight leads us. We walk, stop so that they can sniff and do their business, and run.

IMG_1858 lineThe sun is now above the horizon and painting the edges of clouds and trees pink. Birds are uttering.

My 30minutes is up, and my girl hasn’t yet relieved. Oh well, I just have to take her out for another walk later.

When pressed for time, and things don’t go smooth, I do get flustered. It adds spice to the everyday routine, however. It makes life interesting.



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