sea foam


I woke up thinking about “seafoam” this morning. No, not the engine cleaner, but “seafoam” color. I fell asleep thinking about my entry for the “One Word Photo Challenge” last night.

Sea foam…

When the ocean is churned up by wind and waves, dissolved organic matter forms sea foam, according to the NOAA site.

While my husband was sick, our life was like sea foam.
Unpleasantness, filth, pain, love and affections were all churned up and surrounded us. Then, among all the chaos, there would be a moment of repose and calmness. And, we were able to think. Before the havoc came right back at us.
One of those rare tranquil moment, only once, my husband murmured that if he had done more treatments, cancer might not have come back.
And then, his muse was washed away by waves of the reality. The reality of medications and paper works.

All I could do was not get caught by waves.



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9 thoughts on “sea foam

  1. To me, it’s as if Nelkumi-san’s account — how it had been prior to her husband’s departure — foretells what awaits my wife and me, as we don’t have a child. I think her experience would teach us something. So I’ll continue following what she has to say.
    Lingo-Field (Sendai, Miyagi, Japan)

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  2. As I fell in love with your blogging site, I was wondering if it’s possible for me to create a link to yours on mine. I’d appreciate it if you could kindly give me the green light. Thank you.
    英語教室 Lingo-Field

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