“Are you dating anybody yet?”

I am not looking for, therefore,
I would not avail myself, would I?

Because I answer, “No,”
So, am I celibate, dull,
And depressed?

But, if I answered, “Yes,”
Then, would I become
Untrue to my true love?




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”



14 thoughts on “riddle

  1. great fun but it contradicts itself, because if you have a true love you would not appear celibate. It is true that celibate only means not wed and has nothing to do with the act of making love.But if this is so why would you be interested in making the opening remark of your post in the first place? An interesting state of mind to be in! Good post.

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  2. Good riddle! But I concur with Anton about the meaning of celibacy. Afterall, even partnered people who are having relations cannot be having those relations 24/7. If you still feel so married that you wear your wedding ring, then you are not ready to date. And perhaps you feel depressed about this not-being-ready-to-date. However, about being “dull” — you will NEVER be dull. So, there: one less thing to worry about.

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