I was chatting with my husband on Internet when the walls and floor of the room shook violently with the creaking sound. Back and forth, side to side. Creak, creak, creak…
I was almost forced off from the chair I was sitting on and had to hold on the desk. It lasted long enough. My husband saw me being shaken around in a hotel room somewhere in Japan on his computer screen.
Once the jolt and the creak subsided, I told him that we had an earthquake, “goodbye” and “talk to you later.” I shut my computer off to get ready for a potential evacuation.
An announcement soon came on the speaker, advising us to stay in our rooms while the staff members were assessing. Not long after, another announcement followed. We are okay. The building was safe.
I jumped in the shower and put clean clothes on. Aftershocks kept happening; I did not know when the next big one would come, and was nervous.
TV was on in my room, and they showed where the epicenter was – about 300 miles from where I was and the tsunami warning along the eastern shore of Japan.
I was to catch a flight back to US that night, and the flight showed on time. By the time I got to the airport, however, the flight was delayed.
I called my husband as soon as I landed on US soil. He breathed a big sigh of relief.
I had been unaware of what happened since the terrible news was not yet available before we took off and had not called him thinking about the time difference. He, on the other hand, had been glued to the TV set, watching the horrific scenes from Japan, not knowing where exactly in Japan I was.
I saw what he had been watching, on a TV screen in the airline lounge while I waited for my connecting flight.
I felt weak at the knees and started to tremble then.








7 thoughts on “3/11/2011

  1. I have many colleagues in Nagoya too and they told me how strong it was even down there. Glad you were able to catch your flight out and could be reunited with your husband! It must have been a huge relief for both of you.

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