don’t be a weirdo

I become smart when I write.
When I don’t have to pronounce the words that I can’t pronounce, and can spell-check and grammar-check before I send (I still misspell them – ugh, why? I am such a loser), I can fool myself and other humans.

When I communicate, I try to consider the listeners/readers and what they want to hear/read. I might not say/write what they want to hear/ read, but I try not to say/write what might offend them. You have a little more space between your emotions and the actual statements when you write. I am naturally an emotional being, and usually do better if I am forced to stop and think before I act.

I am not a good talker or listener. My mind paces way ahead of my physical ability of speaking and patiently listening.
I grew up being told not to express myself. Expressing myself was considered “selfish-ish.” Therefore, I did not grow up to be an eloquent convincing speaker.
I hate when people talk condescendingly FOR me. My huge ego would not allow it to happen. So, instead of asking to repeat, I just pretend to comprehend when I can’t understand what people are saying. I then observe how other listeners react – laugh aloud, chuckle, show compassion, get agitated, and do the same. That makes me a conceited bad listener.

purple communicationI like the convenience of texting; not bothering others around me in public spaces, and, as a passive one, all I have to do is initiate the first message. Once I send the message, it is up to the receivers – the ball is in their court. People can answer at their convenience and, if it happens to be a good time to talk, we can call and talk.

The planet earth has, perhaps, become too crowded, and people need to be loud to be heard. The technologies of expressing “me” have been developed and changed the scenes of the communication dramatically.

I used to talk to my husband online face to face when I was away from home. That was nice. It made me feel at ease.
Hours after my husband died, late at night, I talked to my mom in Japan. And, hours after that, when I woke up in the wee hours, I chatted online with friends in the east coast and Europe. It helped me.
The technologies do give me the comfort and assurance of not being alone.
Nowadays, most of my human contact is in cyberspace. My friends and family worry me becoming a recluse and, eventually, a weirdo.
I do, too.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”

“How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?”

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