I have had many mentors and cannot just pick one to give credit for me being who I am today.

IMG_7399As a child, I had many characters from books, cartoons and comic books, which I wished I could be like. In the neighborhood where I grew up, I had older kids to look up to. My parents taught me fundamentals. At schools, some teachers pushed me. At every job, I was trained by mentors. My husband opened my eyes to my own existence.

All the people I have encountered, somehow, have taught and given me the wisdom of life.

What was the greatest lesson I learned from them?
Thrive to be the one to inspire others.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mentor Me.”
“Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?”

3 thoughts on “wisdom

  1. You got me thinking again this evening, and I remembered something I read just this morning on the Facebook page of a Hawaiian friend — an update on the progress of a Polynesian sea-going sailing boat that has already traveled from Tahiti to New Zealand and is now starting its return trip (http://www.hokulea.com/update-april-15-2015/). The journey is about 2,300 nautical miles each way and is being navigated in the ancient way — by following the stars and signs from the sea itself. No small thing. I found this story … INSPIRING. Which became the connection with your blog tonight.

    See, here’s the thing: I have this sense that one cannot deliberately set out to be “inspiring.” Just as one cannot decide to sit down and create Great Art. Nevertheless, some people DO inspire others and some people DO create Great Art. But neither goal can be attacked directly. The captain (or, at least, the headman) of the Polynesian sailing boat was asked what makes a good leader. He responded: “Leadership is the process one takes to achieving the big dream.” In other words, first comes the “big dream,” the special goal. Then leadership evolves as the dreamer pursues his (or her!) goal and enlists the support of others to achieve the big dream. As I perceive it, it is the sharing of the dream AND the positive example set by the leader that evokes inspiration.

    So, really, all you need now is a big dream


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