me time


I feel good today. Feeling euphoric.

It has started to rain again, but it sure was a beautiful crisp morning earlier, and two dogs and I had a good run/walk – they both pooed and peed, and there was no cat/mongoose/pig chasing incident.

Is that why?

Or, is it because, yesterday, despite the rain, I jumped in the shower, got in the car, drove to town, went to see an art exhibit and chatted with the wine store owner?

I am not a psychologist and don’t know what makes one feel depressed and forlorn, and become lethargic. But, I know I do not do well living alone. I become a recluse.

Most of my life, I craved “me time.” I used to look forward to going to work and locking myself in a hotel room alone. When I was growing up, I tried to find “my” space – a swing in the park after other kids went home, the top landing of the stairs in our apartment building, or the corner behind the tall bureau in our room – so that I could muse alone.metimemrg

Once I get the infinite amount of alone time, however, I cannot handle, fancy companionship and am beginning to understand why people join clubs.







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