In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”


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  1. Hi nelkumi, I’ve just done a post listing some blogs I’ve read over the past year. Of course yours is one of them, please forgive me for not including yours, I grabbed ten from today’s grid, but thinking now I never saw yours there today. I’ve been reading yours for the past year and really enjoy your writing, thank you so much for sharing what you do with us! Xx

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    1. nelkumi says:

      Thank you for reading my posts and for thinking of me. I am not good at accepting awards (following those rules and all) anyway… 😉

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      1. I know, I normally don’t take part for the very reason of all the rules and for excluding others, was just really touched by the nomination and had some spare time so decided to break my own rule and honor it!

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      2. nelkumi says:

        You do deserve every recognition. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words with us. 😊

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  2. andysmerdon says:

    such wonderfully trusting and loving eyes 🙂

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  3. themofman says:

    A picture of love.


  4. What love and loyalty in those eyes!

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