tonight was the night


Why did this have to happen? To me? What did I ever do to deserve this?

I made sure I looked beautiful tonight. I went to the gym every day and ate no carb food for a month so that I could fit in the gorgeous red dress I picked out; Mom did my hair perfect; nails were painted; lip color matched the dress. When Tom saw me, I knew he liked what he saw. He smiled at me. And, and …

Pff … it doesn’t matter. It’s over. I’m doomed.

Who knew I would sweat that much dancing? Aghhh, I should’ve gotten the smudge proof mascara!

(107 words)


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16 thoughts on “tonight was the night

  1. Do you think the sweating mascara ruined her date? LOL! I was going to say that was a mighty short date then I saw the paragraph about the mascara. Oh well, there’s more fish in the sea. Hahaha! Cute story!


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