season’s greetings

My husband and I used to make our season’s greeting cards every December. Though Santa hats and Christmas tree might have been in them, we called them “once-a-year greeting” cards.
We had fun making them.
We thought about what we did and what events happened that year, and I drew the cartoon of us. He either praised or critiqued to change here and there. We then went to a stationery store to print them, cut them and bought envelopes to go with them. We wrote messages and signed each card, thinking of families and friends.
We used to send out a lot of cards. One time, we had more than two hundred!
They were usually funny and silly cards. Some people thought we couldn’t afford real cards. Some appreciated our efforts.
And, that was okay.

Three years ago, less than four months after my husband passed, I made cards, thanking everyone for their love and support and wishing them a happy holiday season. A few days after I sent them out, I read a post on Facebook, stating that getting a card from me wasn’t the same as getting a card from us. I stopped making cards after reading that post and sent store-bought cards to those who sent me cards.
This year, I made cards again and will send to a handful of people.
I don’t cry as much as I once did. Looking at the cards alone, however, made me think about the time we made them together, and I did cry a bit.
And, that is okay.


24 thoughts on “season’s greetings

  1. Oh, that breaks my heart. Of course it’s not the same, but there is such meaning and memory in carrying on that tradition. I’m sure the handful of people who receive your handmade cards will be pleased to receive them.

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  2. What a beautiful tradition. Handmade cards are such a thoughtful gift in and of themselves. If you feel like sending them, you should continue to do so – i’m sure they’re appreciated. I did a Christmas newsletter last year – okay, okay, by the time I posted it it was February(!) – and we didn’t receive a single reply, but I enjoyed writing it and plan to do it again, on time, this year.

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  3. That is a beautiful tradition! I am making St. Nicolaus (it´s this sunday and usually we celebrate it by giving sweets to other people) surprises for my friends – little bags with a bit of ginger, some chocolate and a jinggle bell, I hope they will like it.

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  4. Sad – and lovely. I hope you will go on making cards of your own. I stopped making mine long ago. Me and my children used to love making those cards thinking of the special persons getting them. Then there was a deeper meaning, a thoughtfulness and a sentimental touch that now is gone. Nowadays i send real cards, but bought in a shop, and to many people I send “cards” via e-mail. This year I have taken a year off my work, so I have time to make cards of my own… maybe the tradition will be taken up in a small scale. A handful. Like you. I know it would be appreciated.

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