I was watching a documentary about a Japanese nurse who works at a refugee camp in Kenya as a member of the Doctors Without Borders, and had to stop the video.

I used to dream of helping others.

There are underprivileged children and unfortunate folks and organizations around me. Tons of opportunities for volunteering exist in the county. People need help nearby.
I, nevertheless, take no action.

It is because, in somewhere other than where my reality exists, it looks and sounds noble. When it happens in the backyard, however, it loses its glamour. It is all for self-conceit, self-contentment and self-satisfaction.

So long as I think of doing it for others, I am doing it wrong. Once it becomes “I do what I do,” then, it might do all of us a bit of good.







3 thoughts on “benevolence

  1. Sometimes it is good to do things anyway even though you do not know your true intention. Because it is better to do it anyway so your heart might one day know that you always had the right intention because actions speak louder than words.

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