wobbly and steady

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I undoubtedly took a less traveled road. There were no footsteps printed on the ground. The sight was vague and unclear; I couldn’t see where the road was going or even a step ahead.
It sounded exciting at the time. I soon realized that I am usually alone. There might be a person treading ahead of me or plodding behind me, but I can’t see them. Through the veil of fog and obstacles, occasionally I see someone on the same road and feel relieved and comforted.

I could have stayed on the other road, a heavily traveled and somewhat predictable road; I could have stayed with the job that I hated.
Someone could have felt sorry for me and introduced me to someone. I then could have gotten married to that someone, had kids, bought a house, gone on a vacation or two, gone out with girlfriends to nag, watched kids grow, been happy, and still wondered what other options might have brought.

But, I didn’t. I left the job I hated and kept going on a less traveled road. I don’t often wonder what could have happened if I had done things differently. I do wonder, however, what is waiting for me on this less traveled road.



For The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Road Less Traveled
“Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.”



7 thoughts on “wobbly and steady

  1. Trust in yourself. I went through the same, leaving my secure job 6 years ago daring to embark on that so called road less traveled… NO REGRETS! I discovered sooooooo much I would not have discovered had I stayed… and like you, it’s a bit wobbly and scary at times but we are here for a purpose and that purpose is yet to unfold! Bless your path with light and love. Keep going 🙂

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