a softy

Thanks to the technologies, I can now watch Japanese TV shows online. When I feel like crying (crying and laughing are great ways to release stress, I heard), I watch Japanese documentaries that are very sentimental.

The other day, I watched a documentary about what firefighting units had to go through five years ago in Japan.
As some of you might remember, they had a massive earthquake, tsunami, and, consequently, the nuclear plant explosion. The documentary focused on the firefighters. They were local volunteer fire brigade men and firefighters from faraway places and from the company that dealt with the damaged plant.
I cried seeing one man holding back his agony as he talked about how he found his wife and daughter under the rubbles while searching and rescuing other fellow villagers. I cried watching a man talking about his frustration and dilemma for not being able to do more. I cried when I heard a man saying that his life might end short because he worked near the leaking plant but he had to do it for the next generation to survive.
I cried a lot.

Recently, I am inclined to watch, see and hear what I once was familiar with – things and the culture that I grew up with, and easily cry. I am definitely getting old and sentimental. Well, I now have to cry a bit about that, too.


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