women of fire horse


I was born in the year of fire horse. Girls who were born in the years of fire horse are considered headstrong and dangerous – especially to their husbands, and the birth rate in those years goes down in Japan. Our classes at school were small significantly.
I had two girls of the same age in the neighborhood, and we became friends instantly. One girl had a younger brother just like I did. The other girl had no sibling, wore pretty clothes all the time, and was rather quiet. The quiet one and I were especially close. We had different personalities but played together every day.
As those were the days of an economic surge in Japan, most of the neighbors eventually moved for better job and life. We did, too. We became separated and met new friends in the new places.

I wonder why it has become so difficult to make new friends as I aged. Do I have too much baggage? Am I too unforgiving about other people’s behavior? Or, anything new sounds such a drag, too much hustle.

I have completely lost touch with those two girls, but our parents kept in touch. One day, after I married to a gaijin and moved to the US, my mom told me that the quiet girl had gotten married to a doctor and lived happily in Tokyo.
I guess she, too, broke the golden rule of the women of fire horse.


For The Daily Post’s daily prompt; ” Buddy


6 thoughts on “women of fire horse

  1. My dad always says to make as many friends as possible when you’re young because as you get older the opportunities become fewer and farther apart. As you get older, the world swallows you up and you don’t have time to spare for anyone else.

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  2. Oh nelkumi, the line – ‘Am I too unforgiving about other people’s behavior? Or, anything new sounds such a drag, too much hustle.’ – makes me think of how I feel sometimes haha! Sometimes I think to myself – do I really need another friend 🙂 Then just two days ago an old friend from years ago dropped by, after a couple of minutes it was like no time had separated us – good friends remain beyond periods of separation 🙂 Nice post.

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