smiley face


I smile seeing a smiley face when I am happy and content and create nothing.

When I am unhappy, hurt, miserable, and struggling, I have tons of things to purge, and a smiley face offends me.



12 thoughts on “smiley face

  1. A truth that we all are living by, put out very simply. The face vividly expresses smile and the blue lines in the background running down present an untold sadness you portray in the poem. I like this.:)

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      1. I mean we all post and respond on wordpress because we enjoy the creative life here. But, however, the formal nature of this forum is so killing at times. I can’t help it but react and respond like everyone else for the fear that people are from different culture and see acknowledgements as part of courtesy and non-acknowledgements as arrogance! Oh my.. :).

        PS: It had to be let out from within me, unfortunately it is you! 🙂

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