She lived in the land of mundane, where people dreamed of success, were familiar with common emotions, paid attention to perspective, and believed that they had meaning and purpose.
She dreamed of the land of dreams, where a clear day calmed her, and trickles of a stream and whisper of wind lulled her to rest.
But, her dreams failed her. Over and over, she woke up in the same bed to the same everyday.
They said that she had no imagination. They said she must dream big. So she kept dreaming.

Then, one day, she woke up in a white dress. She was lying in a white bed. She was in a white meadow.
Aha, she said, this must be the land of dreams.
Perfume from the white flowers wafted. She listened to the flows of water. The white sky above her consisted of no cloud. And, there was no shadow anywhere. No shadow of the white tree. No shadow of her. There was no sun.
She so wanted to live happily ever after but soon started to miss colors – purple, red, orange, lime, olive, sage, cerulean, indigo, alabaster, ivory, blonde, gold, silver, and jet black.

When she woke up again, she understood that only in her dreams passion and aspiration existed and that her reality always looked stale.



For The Daily Post’s daily prompt: “Dream


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