I am definitely not a trapeze performer. I possess neither athletic skill nor star quality.

I can’t be an animal handler. I am not assertive enough to control beasts.

I am a clown. Not a good one since I can not juggle or mime. I do, however, put a mask on and try my best to make people and myself laugh. Especially, when the going gets tough.

My husband always said that there is no comedy without victims. He also said that being able to laugh at yourself is a great gift. He admired real clowns.

For The Daily Post’s daily prompt: ” Circus


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  1. lifelessons says:

    In Shakespeare, the greatest wisdom was usually spoken by the clowns, or fools!

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  2. A clown is never worthless, and I guess bringing a smile to any one else’s face might be one of the best causes of all

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  3. Belinda O says:

    You write such powerful things in such simple ways. What a gift! And your drawings are wonderful, too.

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    1. nelkumi says:

      Oh, thank you. You are too kind. 😊

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  4. sandmanjazz says:

    To crib Blake’s 7 “A fool knows everything – and nothing”

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    1. nelkumi says:

      I like that!

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  5. May you always play your own main stage.

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  6. I think your husband was right about comedy having victims.

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  7. caillenjames says:

    Andre Berthiaume once said ‘we all wear masks…’ Lovely.

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    1. nelkumi says:

      We certainly do…


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