if any of this makes sense


I understand that we are animals living in the jungle and might have to kill somebody or something to defend ourselves when attacked. We all get hungry when we haven’t eaten.

What I don’t understand, however, is the human condition of initiating attacks just because we are different, don’t understand someone and don’t like that someone. None of us are that smart or special. I don’t think. Murder is murder, whether it is done by a hand knife, assault rifles, a bomb, words, or thoughts, whatever reasons there might be.

Though it is hard to focus on what we really want and need among all the noises around us, I must remember that there are things that we can only hear in silence and stillness. Just because I don’t understand or like some insensitive people, such as a man who suggested Japan to arm themselves with nuclear weapons or a man who threw the trash from the window of his truck, I never wish them dead.




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