I wonder if this will ever change, Kate slumped on an empty seat.

The bus was full with depleted commuters, and she knew she was lucky to be sitting down for her twenty minutes’ ride home.

I thought I would be living a different life. Kate shifted a little to get more comfortable in the plastic seat.

The rain picked up the pace and made the windows fogged, occasionally drops wiping the glass and leaving trails.

It feels like I live in a hole – sort of a rabbit hole. I feel disoriented in familiar surroundings. And, there is no exit. It is just a dead end. Unless I change the course.

Kate got up and squeezed through the crowd towards the door.

(122 words)



photo prompt provided by Nonnaci


For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers week of 06-14-2016



and for The Daily Post’s daily prompt: “Struggle



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