destruction and rebuilding

For seventeen years, she had stayed in that stormy relationship.

The decline was gradual at first.

A swash of disagreement spilled over the edge now and then. A trickle of resentment started to seep through and formed a puddle of misery. Then, a surge of rage overflowed, and a bigger dribble made a bigger pool of anger. Soon, puddles and pools were everywhere.
She had somehow kept her sanity, despite feeling drained and exhausted.
Once the levee broke, though, there was no way to stop. One big gush of animosity swiped at everything.

“I’ve done everything I could, and have nothing left to give.

“I will always love you.”
She stood up, turned, and walked away without looking back at his grave.

(122 words)

photo prompt by Sunday Fiction

For Sunday Photo Fiction – September 4th 2016

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