an origami crane

She neatly creased the paper.

“What are you doing?” her granddaughter gaped at the intricate piece by the grandmother’s hands.

“Origami… I’m making a crane.”

“Aw…” the five-year-old frowned.

“You fold  paper like this and like this, open it like this, and voilà!”
She produced a crane made of a green square sheet of paper.


“Do you want to try?”

She placed a sheet of paper in front of the girl and another in front of herself. The child watched and tried to imitate the grandmother.

“This is hard,” the granddaughter pouted her lips.

“It is, at first, but gets easier. If you make a thousand cranes, someone’s illness would be cured.”

“A thousand!?” the child stopped her hands and gasped.

“Yes. It takes patience,” she popped another crane on her wrinkled palm.
“It is a love that abides.”

photo prompt provided by Jade Wong
photo prompt provided by Jade Wong
For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – week of December 6, 2016, and The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Abide


19 thoughts on “an origami crane

  1. Nelkumi what an awesome idea for this picture. When I was little we loved origami, especially my younger brother. You can create such beautiful things folding paper. Also when I was in elementary school there was a book called “A Thousand Paper Cranes.” I’m not sure if the girl actually making all the paper cranes healed someone or not but it be great if it worked that way. Loved your story!

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    1. I’m glad you liked the story. I think the book is about the girl who started the thousand-crane phenomenon after she was affected by the A-bomb. The shape of the photo prompt reminded me of an origami crane.

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  2. I’ve always loved the belief that a thousand paper cranes would grant the folder a wish, or cure an illness. It’s always seem pure and beautiful to me. I love that you took the photo prompt and decided to go this heartwarming route. Just lovely Nelkumi!

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  3. so lovely!
    I’ve been making colourful cranes for my bird-themed colourful wedding. I wanted to have 1000 and luckily choose to tell my class…. the boys are now addicted to folding cranes and each day have brought in 40+ each from home! In only a few days, my stash of 15 has become 468!! I’m so stunned by their enthusiasm. I will add there’s to my blog soon…but this is a link to the start of my origami crane idea:
    Please let me know what you think of my wedding planning blog!

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