John Lennon said to imagine the world with no countries. If we had one passport, of the world, would there be no war then?
Doubtful. Passports alone do not seem to divide or unite people. It is an identity given by your birth country or/and by the country of residence. There still are religions, languages, races, height, weight, intelligence, cultures, and certain skills to influence our identities.

I hear that the number of resident aliens who are becoming U.S. citizens has increased recently. Some have to give up the passports of their origin. Some gladly and some reluctantly, I suppose. If you were born and raised, raise your family and die in one country, and never have to leave or fathom to leave, you may not understand the dilemma. If you know someone close to you going through this problem, you might be able to feel it.
Unless circumstances force us to face, we can’t and won’t imagine.

There are always things that I can’t imagine.
If we let the unknowns unknown, we tend to exclude out of fear when we see them. There might not be a cure for stupidity, but we can educate our ignorance. If we mix and match until nothing is distinct, we might not care the differences.
I don’t know….
Maybe, I’m a dreamer.


For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, “Passport”



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