She has been out of milk for four days now. The fridge is nearly empty except some condiments. She eats whatever so that she wouldn’t ache from hunger.

The scenes and sound of people killing people, of unassuming people getting hurt, and of excited people getting angry and shouting the blame perpetuate outside. They stress her out. So, she stays inside.

You “Drive them out,” and then where do they go?
They show up at a concert hall. They don’t vanish or change.

Is freedom doing what you want to do or letting people be who they are?

She wonders.

Nobody seems to know what we, as a society, should do to understand and help with people’s pain or what we need to do to prevent people from harming the harmless. People just catapult the inconsiderate remarks, prejudiced attitudes, and oppressive ostracism. They stress her out. So, she stays inside.

She does not worry. She still has some green vegetables that she picked at the farmers market two weeks ago, nuts in a big jar that she purchased the last time she was in town, and mangoes and bananas growing in the yard. So, she stays inside.

photo prompt copyright of A Mixed Bag

For Sunday Photo Fiction – May 21st 2017 and The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Catapult.


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