Palm fronds swing in a tune of Utopia.
The scent of gardenia croons in euphoria.
And, blue meets blue far, far away.
I live in paradise, with monophobia.

I know I make some friends worry when I go dark and deep. They are good to me, and I am fortunate to have them in my life. I wonder, though, “Haven’t they been there?”
Then, I think of those who go on with their lives under the influence of nothing and face life sober.
Then again, I remember myself being one when I used to be too busy to notice things or to get insecure.

Everyone is alone with or without smartphones and tablets in their hands.
Technologies do not divide or separate us. IMHO, as we seek out answers from solitude, we invent and develop gadgets and gears.
And, they are getting better and better. The human appetite for loneliness is insatiable.


For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Revelation .



朝早く、まだ薄明るい一室で、ごくごく小音でつけているテレビの青い光の中、コンビニで買ったハムと卵のミックスサンドウィッチの入ったプラスチックの袋を、そっと開けるような, あの感覚で。


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