grief, grit, and grace


“Young people nowadays….”

“What about them?”

“They are ignorant, irresponsible.”

“Young people tend to be bold and brave.”

“Nah, they are wimps, weak. They can’t handle any interference. They just get frustrated.”

“Like you do? When they upgrade the system?”


“They’ll get old enough to critique the next generation. We seem to keep that tradition, though nothing else stays the same. Think of them as Monet…, no, Banksy, dear.”


photo prompt copyright Grant-Sud

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – week of July 11, 2017 and The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Grit .




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  1. Belinda O says:

    Young people get grief every generation. They are young, and foolish, and want to know the answers to questions we stopped thinking about years ago. God bless them — and keep them alive to teach the next generation of young people.

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    1. nelkumi says:

      … and old people like me!

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  2. Sight11 says:

    It prematurely
    Is seeking to break itself
    Before being ripe
    I wrote it by being inspired by your post.. Take care..

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    1. nelkumi says:

      Wow…. Thank you for the visit and beautiful haiku.

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  3. L.E.R.T says:

    Today’s young people are tomorrow’s old people. It’s the journey they undertake and the guidance they get during it that will define them . Beautifully written, Nelkumi. Cheers, Varad

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    1. nelkumi says:

      Your visit and comment are much appreciated. Thank you.


  4. Haha! So true! The older generation critiques the younger generation generation after generation! Great story Nelkumi!

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    1. nelkumi says:

      Thank you, PJ!

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