It popped in my dream and woke me up. It must’ve been on my mind, though I’d tried not to think about it.

History repeats itself, they say, and that’s true. No matter how often we condemn, we regress. No matter how loud we preach, we retreat.
I’m as scared of unknowns as others. “Everything is okay if I’m okay” is not a thing anywhere, is it? Still, self-interest is always hidden somewhere in one’s ideals, though I like to believe we are capable of being and doing better.

It’s going to keep me awake, I suppose, as the darkness eclipses the light.


4 thoughts on “shadows

  1. Nelkumi, We cannot help worrying about our own interests in the future in this life or the next. What matters is that we always do what we can for those we know who are in need. Self interest is natural, helping others is how we compensate for it. You have no shadows to dream about. 🙂 Anton

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  2. I was once told the story of King and beggar. The beggar asked the king, of why he is the King, and why he the beggar? The king said, he thinks about himself first, the beggar (in view of the king) thought about others and not himself. This is why he begged, for he was dependent on others instead of helping himself, he was dependent on the helping of others. The king helped himself and thus rose to be a king, for he thought about helping himself first.
    As my granddad use to say, it’s never too late to think about yourself. In order to help others you have to first help yourself reach to a point where you can help them.
    Sorry just blabbering…


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