My husband and I used to say that we were cheating.
I was married to an old guy without money, and his Japanese wife (me!) was anything but obedient and submissive.
We broke the mold.

Is being different same as being disobedient? If you do not follow the crowd, are you a rebel?
I am diffident and do not like to stand out and try my best to stay low key.
It seems, though, that I have always done things in my own way. I’m not one for reading manuals before I start.

I don’t know if I ever thought I was different. I think I always hoped that I was.
I still wish I were certifiably atypical and special, but, at this point, I take a peculiar old woman.


For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Disobey and Peculiar .



19 thoughts on “stereotype

  1. There is a difference in following your own path and deliberately disobeying rules that you are disobeying just because you want to. We all have our own ways of thinking and being. Nothing wrong with that. But my freedom ends at the end of your nose. To disobey rules that protect the freedom of others is not okay.

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  2. Nelkumi, you know I too went against the advice of my family and married a Vietnamese who was killed in the war with my daughter. I wasn’t disobedient just heartbroken. But I still love them both. I did nothing stupid or wrong I just had to work out how to get through the next 47 years, we’re both doing well, Anton

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