2017 in review


I am not a big fan of those “best of” things but am feeling cheerful and festive.
May I present to you my most viewed posts of the year 2017.

#1 over the rainbow

IMG_4368 3

Summer is rather tough for me since my husband passed in August of 2012. I think of his last months – his declining health, those “Seriously?” moments due to his incoherent mind, and laughs. We still laughed a lot.
Just as I was mentally preparing myself for the upcoming anniversary of his death, I learned the passing of my friend. She was two years older than me, and we had known each other for nearly thirty years. It shocked me. I knew she had been ill, still….
And, less than a week later, I heard the news of a building fire that killed my boss from the previous job.
I was already feeling alone and forgotten, noticing that a few of my Facebook “friends” had ignored my comments and messages, and started to feel melancholic.


#2 stereotype


My heart continued to sink. I still tried to write and draw. That was the only way to keep myself afloat, not disappearing into the void.


#3 coiled up in the jungle


Around the time I poured my heart out on the post, affectation, I started to feel something lifting and decided to have some fun with my posts.


#4 mood


By Thanksgiving holiday, I accepted.


I thank you for sticking with me, for supporting me, and for loving me and wish you a bright (and me a better) New Year.


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