5 thoughts on “going gentle into that good night

  1. (An odd comment I admit, its on two posts , but it
    just came to me that way. Ciao. Anton)

    Our hearts are often very fickle they
    Change what they desire each year.
    Thus leaving us confused, depressed,
    Giving rise each day to some new fear.

    Also too our many beautiful words,
    Tugging however hard they might,
    Cannot match the beckoning beauty
    Of that red, glowing sunset night;

    Set above the green jungle where
    You and your dogs live all alone,
    You drawing your images of love
    They each gnawing a juicy bone.

    While we, your readers many miles away,
    Ponder your happy words day by day.
    So, Nelkumi, I now want to thankfully say
    You’ve given new hopes for which I can pray.

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