an odd couple


The lobby was busy with young people in the latest fashion, their every move animated. I, in my frock and flats, sat alone on a chair, my wrinkled hands resting on my walking stick. Nobody stopped or acknowledged my being.
There was a young girl perched on the edge of the chair not far from me. The girl had tattoos and piercings all over her visible flesh. She looked around and down at her cell phone, then around and down and around again.
Just as I was starting to get irritated by her agitation, she looked up, brightened, and bit her lip. A young man was approaching, looking straight at her with a smile. He wore a suit and tie and had a neat short haircut. He sat next to her, parted her matted purple hairs, and stared into her thick-lined eyes, which were fixed to his face.
I looked at him, then her, and tsked.
“What does she see in him?”


For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Observe.


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