a pink horse


I used to envy my little brother. He is a boy and will succeed the family name. They indulged him as such, and he got his way most of the time.
When our grandparents came to visit, they brought presents for us. I waited for mine while my brother first got his, a toy airplane.
They handed me a stuffed animal. A pink horse.
My brother merely glanced at his plane in his hands but glared at my pink horse.
He reached for my horse.
“This is mine,” I hid it behind me.
“I want yours,” his face all grimace and frown.
“It’s pink, girl color. Your plane is blue, boy color.”
“I want your pink horse!”
“You can’t have it!”
I don’t remember if we got in a physical fight but do remember I kept that horse for a long time until it turned brown.
I have never been fond of pink or blue but always am a person in solid colors.

(165 words)

prompt photo by Yinglan.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, week of 5-15-2018.


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