thank you for calling

“Thank you for calling Tropics Candies. How can I help you?”

“…Hello, I would like to have some candies sent to my grandchildren…”

“Certainly. I can help you with that… May I have your name, please?”

“Olivia, Olivia Moore.”

“Thank you, Ms. Moore. Have you ordered with us before?”

“…Olivia, please…and, yes, I have. I order your candies every year…”

“Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Let’s see…yes, I have your information here. …I see you have sent to Mr. Thomas Moore in California. Is that whom you’re sending today?”

“Yes. That’s my son…”

“Lovely. …Do you have an item in your mind, Ms. Moore?”

“…They have a twelve-year-old and a ten-year-old…”

“Would they be interested in cookies or chocolate candies?”

“I don’t know…they never say anything…”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Teenagers, right?”


“Would you like to send an assorted box?”

“…I suppose…”

“…Ms. Moore?”

“…Yes, yes.”

“Are you alright?”

“…I’m fine…”

“They are lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother.”

“I don’t know about that…I don’t even know if they like getting this from me…”

“Of course, they do. Everybody loves Tropics Candies!”


“…It must be difficult to live so far from your family…”

“Oh, you know, they have their lives… They sent their pictures last year. The boys have gotten big. They are busy, you see.”


“They know I’m here if they need me.”

“I see…”

“It’s better this way. I don’t bother them. They don’t interfere with me. I do like my freedom.”

“…Freedom’s nice…”

“When my children were small and my husband was alive, I was busy taking care of them. Now, I have time for myself. When I have time to reflect, I am nicer, you see, and I send them gifts to remind them I think of them.”

“…Do they send you gifts?’

“When they can.”

“…Yes, of course…”

“Let’s send them that assortment box. They’ll like that.”

“Y, yes. Let me finish up here with your order…one assortment box… Ms. Moore…?”

“Please, Olivia.”

“…Olivia, will you be charging this on your MasterCard?”

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