“Love at first sight?” A voice, low and confident, broke her solitary trance.

“…Excuse me?” She looked at the reflection on the display window.

“You’re in love.” A stranger behind her smiled, his arrogance amplified by his white teeth.

She bit her lip and fidgeted with her lacquered hair.

“Shall we?” The well-dressed stranger touched her elbow lightly and led her inside the store on a high-end shopping street.

She stole a glance at the opulent staircase leading to the higher floor while a shop clerk removed her turquoise necklace from the display case.



For Friday Fictioneers – 7 June 2019. Too controversial…?


ceayr 3


20 thoughts on “lust

  1. I also think the love was about the necklace. Taking her into his store was kind of a hard sell. I have some turquoise jewelry and it’s lovely. I don’t blame her. A good story and writing, Nelkumi. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. My take on the story is that she fell in love with the necklace, he fell in love with her, and he’s wealthy so he bought her the necklace. It’s a fantasy and I love the fantasy of it!

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  3. I understand she fell in love with the necklace and now lets herself be bought. I’m sure she’ll regret it later, but maybe to her the bling counts more than her dignity. Controversial? Yes. 🙂

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