15 minutes of fame


It has taken her hard work and perseverance to attain a leading role on Broadway. With small fame, though, has brought unwanted attention and criticism.

She covers blemishes with a dab of concealer and brightens the focal point with a touch of the pale highlighter. She then concentrates on the corner of her eye.

“Five minutes till showtime!”

The voice startles her, making her drop the eyeliner pen, smearing her cheek.

It’s easier to get likes on anonymously posted food photos on Instagram, she sighs and grabs a tissue.


For Friday Fictioneers – 28 June 2019.



15 thoughts on “15 minutes of fame

  1. The world of being the star is like swimming in a tank of pirahna, everybody wants a piece of you. Their eyes are like electron microscopes, searching for an atom out of place. You’ve captured that capricious environment very well with your story.

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  2. Nelkumi, I always enjoy what you write here–you open up a little more than you do in your normal short little pieces. I think you’ve captured very well the nerves and some disappointment that fame isn’t always such a great thing.

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  3. With fame comes criticism. One cannot separate the two. One can get many likes as an anonymous person, but no fame. Want to be in the kitchen, have to face the heat.

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