big head little pinky


Dinner at seven. Along with some acquaintances, people she doesn’t know will be there, too. Can she make it?

She rereads the message and types her response.

Will be there…

Her index finger hesitates before hitting the send button.

She walks into the bathroom and stands in front of the mirror. Keeping her eye on the image, she grabs a pair of tweezers and starts to pluck the furrowed unibrow.


She then peels off her raggedy, oversized t-shirt and holey socks and slips into a dress, which she bought a few years ago. Her hair combed, she checks her reflection in the mirror.


She rummages through her makeup bag and dabs some cosmetics on her face.


From the curbside, she peeks inside the house where the dinner takes place. She recognizes a few faces and is encouraged. Tightening her grip on the wine bottle bought on the way, she walks up to the door.

“You made it!”

Genuine welcome, she hopes. “Thank you for inviting me.”

The host takes her to the table and indicates her seat. “I don’t know if you two have met before…”

She is briefly introduced to the gentleman next to her.

“Where are you from?” He tilts his head to look at her.



“…No. Countryside. In Kyushu.”

“Near Kyoto?”

“Ah, …no. Down south.”

“Oh. Anyway, I like sushi.”

“That’s nice…”

“I like anime,” a young dinner guest sitting next to him barges in, beaming and nodding.

She lifts the glass, “Cheers.”

Her little finger stretches out.


For Foto Flash Fiction Challenge – July 19 2019.

Photo prompt from Morguefile.



6 thoughts on “big head little pinky

  1. I like how you have taken her nervousness of meeting strangers and built tension.
    The awkwardness of two word dialogue adding a sense of uncertainty. If only she could relax, but her little finger stretches out indicates to me her difference to these other guests.
    Just my idea of what is happening. I enjoyed reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, I feel her introverted pain. Been there, done that. I hate trying to make small talk and often want to be invited places but really don’t want to go. You portrayed it well…great take on the photo!

    Liked by 1 person

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