She opens the plastic cover halfway as the instruction on the box states and places the tray of lasagna in the microwave.

While waiting, she watches a YouTube video of a stray dog being rescued. From the covered with a mat of hair and filth to the tail-wagging, adorable.

Beep. Beep.

She takes the tray out and peels off the cover, avoiding the hot steam.

Lasagna in the plastic tray and a glass of wine in her hands, she leaves the kitchen, keeping a thick film of dust and grease on the pots and pans undisturbed.


For Friday Fictioneers – 20 September 2019.

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Overhead window


27 thoughts on “covered

  1. She isn’t using her kitchen equipment. No mention is made of more than one person eating the lasagna, drinking the wine. This seems to me like it could be a widow who has simply lost her interest in kitchen work, because there’s no one for her to share it with.

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  2. A vision of the modern times. Gadgets and no pots and pans.

    Though I’m literally going off the microwave, thanks to its harmful effects.

    I like the way you weaved this tale that a lot of us will identify with.


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  3. This was wonderfully written. I like the reference to youtube. This can be interpreted in so many ways. As a widow or a single woman. Or maybe someone too engrossed in social media and modern conveniences to attend to real life, maybe? Either way, it had us thinking.

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