I won. I won. I WON…4th place!


My first attempt at these contest-thingies went well, I think, thanks to the readers and followers of my blog and the members of my writing group.

WOW Q4 2019 Creative Non-Fiction Essay Contest

And, my story, “Dogs and a Pig.”



34 thoughts on “I won. I won. I WON…4th place!

    1. I really loved, loved, loved your story! I too had an incident with a large hog that was an escape artist…the difference being that she was a very large pink and white domesticated hog versus the feral and dangerous hog that you and your dogs tussled with.

      I also went after her…the hog I called Houdini because she kept climbing out of her pen…with a broom. She loved it and thought I was giving her a back scratch. I then went after her with the water hose. She loved it and thought I was giving her a bath. I finally just went inside and after she rooted and snouted up all of my shrubs, she went back home. My dogs were no help whatsoever, by the way. LOL.

      I will definitely read more of you stories.

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    1. Okay.. after wandering all through the contest site twice, going back as far as 2016, and complaining that I couldn’t find your story, I came back to your site and found it. Such a stirring and skillful story, Nelkumi. Well done.

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      1. I think it is an escalating effect of my locational dyslexia. I have trouble finding things, including on the computer, that are not where I expect to see them. When I saw the link to the contest, I just expected your story to be there. It was worth the search, though. You have gotten as good in your writing as you have always been in your art. So when are you doing your own book?

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      2. I just found your comment in the spam file, so I apologize for being late in responding to such lovely praise! Thank you, Ms. Judy, for always being encouraging and supportive.

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