My New Year’s resolution was decluttering.

I started with my closet: fading and fraying shirts, skirts that I used to wear.

This shirt is so comfortable. I might be able to fit in that skirt again.

Next, I tackled the spare bedroom, which is used for storage. Roomful of dusty “stuff” was babbling on monotone stories as well as some colorful ones from the past.

Aww, I remember that. I’ve been looking for this! 

So far, I have only succeeded in downsizing contacts.



For Friday Fictioneers – 3 January 2020.

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


24 thoughts on “decluttering

  1. Oh No. I used to be so organised because I moved house every two to three years. I have not moved for eight years and now have a room I keep locked, it’s the junk room. Maybe this year I will have a clear out, maybe I wish.

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  2. Me too, Nelkumi. It’s a slow process, but I’ve filled up and donated two huge garbage bags, and I’m working on the third. Clothes, books, knick knacks of all sorts. Anything in my kitchen that hasn’t seen the light of day for a year or more is up for being dumped. Like I said, slow. But it sure feels good!

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  3. Every hoarder show I have watched enlists the help of someone else to do a mass purge, as it is the sentimental connection that keeps you holding. I say this theoretically as my clutter surrounds me 🙂 Nice story showing how difficult it is!

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  4. I read this with a wry smile. It’s so true! I liked the way you introduced the black and white photograph and the wax crayons with “Roomful of dusty ‘stuff” was babbling on monotone stories as well as some colorful ones from the past.”

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  5. HAhA! We did our share of decluttering yesterday, too. Went through Hubby’s things this time. A box for charity, a box for the dumpster. He hoards things attached to wire, I’ve discovered… almost as bad as my paper fetish. LOL! Great story!

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