I don’t know… I need to write something. Draw. Or whatever. Express myself. But why? To be understood? I have nothing. Am I a narcissist? I might be… This isn’t good. No wonder I’m alone. Nobody likes me. What am I gonna do? Hmm… Drink more. Until I can’t hear me think. Yeah, that’s it.


For Discover Prompts, Day 28: Focus.

10 thoughts on “rambling

  1. I’m not sure whether to mark “like” or not. I’m glad you’re writing. Hope you’re drawing. The image you selected is starkly impressive.

    You are expressing yourself. I don’t know about narcissism. I suppose writers must be self-absorbed a little. Maybe a lot. But you are out here in the forum, and I’m glad. I look forward to what you have to express next.

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  2. Nelkumi, you are not a narcissist. You can trust me on that one–I met a few of them when I was a therapist, and you are NOT that 🙂

    I am concerned for you, though. Spending too much time alone can turn you way too far inward. You must still miss your husband terribly, and it doesn’t seem as if you have many people to be with. I know you live out in the jungle, but surely there’s some kind of town nearby? Could you find a writer’s group, do you think? Or maybe a book club?

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    1. I am not? Phew. 😅
      I am currently taking a break from the local writer’s group meetings and doing okay. Thank you, Ms. Linda, for thinking of me.


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