precious cargo


Tim tries to open his eyes and flinches.

“You’re gonna make it, buddy.”

Who’s that? Tim tries to move and realizes he can’t.

“You’re all strapped in and immobile,” the unfamiliar voice seems to be talking to him, “You were in an accident.”

Accident? Tim tries to remember what happened.

He was driving. He had borrowed Dad’s car.

Tim moves his eyeballs and sees he’s wearing a blood-stained shirt and a bow tie. 

“Drive carefully. You have precious cargo on board.” Her father’s gaze moved from the corsage Tim had gotten her to Tim. “Bring her back by midnight.”



For Friday FIctioneers – 8 August 2020.

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast



16 thoughts on “precious cargo

  1. Oh dear! we had an accident near here with teenager driver going waaaaay to fast and crashing into a tree . Driver survived , girl passenger died and male passenger very seriously injured. I hope the characters in your story will have a better end. So well written Nelkumi!

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