“And all I lov’d, I lov’d alone.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe, Alone I want beautiful words to continue tugging at my heart, always. きちんと生きているのが嫌になり、今はちょっとだけふざけて生きています。独りで。  

reflection and defiance

  I think we should tiptoe around people, presume our paradigm is not others’ sets of values. 自分の居場所、見えてますか。  

why i write

  I have stories in me. Yes, I do. I just don’t have THE story. わかったふりをしてみんなと同じタイミングで笑ったりして、郷に入っても従えなくて、忍んでいる感じ。  

happy is as happy does

  She was pretty and smart, kind, soft-spoken and always smiling. Everyone liked her. After she killed herself, jumping off the building near her house, we, her classmates from high school, gathered at the entrance to the building. We all looked up, where she stood by herself a few days before, and wandered in our…


  I saw a butterfly. I saw him twice. He came back to make sure that I was indeed Happy. 「元気にやってる?」 そう言って、 君はまたあらわれた。  

new year’s resolutions

  This year’s going to be different. … hope, faith, certainty …   I’m going to change. … aspiration, desperation, inspiration …   All the good things are going to happen. … anticipation, expectation, imagination …   It’ll start tomorrow. … force, plight, dignity …     今年もよろしくお願いいたします。  

pursuit of ever-elusive happiness

  I’m glad I was born. When I was born, people around me were happy to have me. I am fortunate, and it humbles me. My parents never had lots of money, and we considered getting a cake on our birthday was special. It was my dad’s job to get one on his way back…

be good

  If you encounter an obstacle, you might get motivated to pick up and fight. If you have nothing to push against, no resistance, then, you could fall.     背負っているものが大きすぎて、少しの時間、現実と、思い出とか夢の間をフラフラする。その時だけは、あまり考えずに。  

the wonder of a jungle

  Life in the jungle is harsh, and peace rests in death. “They wouldn’t come near the dead of their own kind,” someone once said. What’s left, however, entraps the grieving and wanderers.     何かやっても、何もやらなくても、一生懸命生きてる。 何かやりたいことがあるんだったら、やってみたら?    


  Once I realized that posting my sappy poems on Facebook was too obtrusive, I stopped. I used to post every anniversary of my husband’s death. It was a cry of “Listen to me.” I now wait until someone reaches out to me. They’d PM me, especially if they have time to post something on…


  Myths and lies are three-dimensioned and four-walled and require five senses. I believe in imagination.   For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Believe. 期待は期待はずれの元だから。