the world without me

It rejects me: who I am and what I am.It hits me, kicks me, and shoves me hard.But, I stand on my two feet, defying my existence and surrendering to invisibility and insignificance. アタシさえいなければ。ボクなんていなくても。 Continue reading the world without me

dear me

You once dreamed of reaching for the stars.Standing on tiptoe, precariously,you looked up at the cloudy sky and searched.You’ve since traveled, seen, and heard.Or so you’re convinced.Have you dreamed lately? 星を見たいけど、この狭い場所からは、見上げても曇った空の向こうはわからない。そう思った日。あれから、できる範囲で、出かけて、見て、聞いた…つもりになっているけど、星は見えたかい? For What Do You See #65. Continue reading dear me