it must be the blue sky

It rained every day, pouring through the membrane of silence. The sky was gray and gloomy, obscuring me with a film of solitary. I was not fine. Then I was. For a while. The rain has stopped, and the sun is out. Birds singing, wild piglets squealing. I wish I could’ve gone with you. 生まれてきてくれて、出逢ってくれて、ありがとう Continue reading it must be the blue sky

dreams, desires, and decencies

“In dreams begins responsibility.” W.B. Yeats’s epigraph attributed to “an old play” ~ Responsibilities 『全ては想像力の問題なのだ。僕らの責任は想像力の中から始まる。』 村上春樹 ~ 海辺のカフカ Continue reading dreams, desires, and decencies

and then…

I am me among us. Who I am is mirrored by those with whom I’m surrounded. Making oneself happy—that’s the most important job one has. 我慢してる人に頑張ってとは言えないけど、いつの間にか自分を取り囲んでいる悲しみや辛いことと戦って、状況を打破しようとしている人は応援する。生まれてきた以上、自分を幸せにしなくちゃ。 Continue reading and then…

plain truth

I have no story to tell at the moment; too many characters have died already, and the protagonist cannot find a goal to achieve. 『私の三不作』まず、不細工。元々の容姿もあるが、きれいにしようともしない。次に不精。やらなきゃならないことがない時が一番しあわせ。そして、不器用。思い描いていたものとは違う結果になることが多い。 Continue reading plain truth

nine years later II

I may be able to do a lot more by myself than I used to be.I am older and, perhaps, wiser; my skin much darker and thicker. I may be able to laugh a little more than I once was.There are times I almost think I could dream again. I may not be the person I was,but I still miss you the same. 生きたいとは思わない。死にたいとも思わない。誰かのために生きなきゃ、とは思うけど。 Continue reading nine years later II