If only I could open that window, I thought. Mustering my courage, I reached for the window and opened it. The breeze stroked my hair, and the noises vibrated in my ears. I stretched and stood on tiptoe to see the outside. All I could see was the wire-mesh screen window. Soon, I grew to the height of the window. When I opened the window … Continue reading fear-less


“How many years?”“Thirty-three.”“Oh, my… But why?”“Why what?”“Why did you come back now?”“I’ve no one there. No job, either. My mom’s here. And my sister, too.”“Uh-huh. And how are you doing so far?”“Better than I thought I would, I think.”“You think?”“Yeah.”“Things are different from what you remember or are used to, I suppose.”“The sky’s the same.” For Friday Fictioneers. Continue reading comfort

in the autumnal twilight

“We have teacups for green tea,” Mother told me. “Thanks, but I’m fine drinking green tea from a mug.” I have been doing so for a while. In chapter one of my life, I did take my green tea in a little porcelain teacup with no handle. That is what the people around me always did, and I did the same. Outside my tiny world, … Continue reading in the autumnal twilight

an ephemerist

Walking down the street, looking at the feet.Averting connection, avoiding intervention.Hurting, in pain, voicing in vain.Knowing nothing, afraid of everything. Kindness unnoticed, a sole ephemerist.Invisible, invincible, obtrusive, and miscible.The forgotten truth that came with youthGone, gone, gone at the break of dawn. What’s left is a list of analyses.Algorithm to carnivorism. If I could talk to the younger me,I would balk at a plea.Why I … Continue reading an ephemerist