I do not die. I saunter the same route over and over. I do not cry. I moisten the goblet and stay sober, worshipping the intangible, every aesthetic fiber. Like a sweater I once wore, I stretch until no more, thinking too much, trying as such. Then, I let go, shrinking to a ball,…


  “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” ~ Eduardo Galeano I guess, if I am not willing to take a risk and go for the unusual, I will remain trapped in this limbo.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Unusual.


  When bands of color shimmer in the sky, I think of you. When wings flap, I think of you. When the singing gets louder and clearer, I think of you. When the night winks, I think of you. People seem to leave. Good people.   訃報続きで、ちょっと、へこむ。    


  I have a catharsis when I do the things I’m not supposed to do – having ice cream for dinner, eating a bowl of cereal at 10:45 pm, standing at the edge of a surface and looking down, being unkempt, cutting hair myself, hiding while feeling sorry for myself. “Inspiration is for amateurs. The…


  Can I be silly and ridiculous? Like when I was a child; when my hair was down, and walking barefoot was the norm; when I didn’t know much; when I chased the impossible, like soaring birds. Can I be a fool and follow my dreams?   For Three Line Tales, Week 76  


my life is a collage of memories and dreams…   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Collage.    

to have and to hold

I didn’t have a plan. I just hoped you’d be with me, for better, for worse. 久しぶりに、犬を連れて歩きながら泣いた。犬が止まったまま自分も立ち止まり、犬が匂いを嗅ぐ様子を見ながら、ふと、涙が浮かんで溢れた。 少し前はよくこうなった。動作や思考が止まると、自然と涙が流れてきていたので、忙しい仕事や邪魔してくれる人たちに助けられていた。生きている限り、そばにいる人をなくすこともある。ただ、ただ、生き続けるしかない。 最近、ようやく落ち着きが戻ったところだった。 心を暗くしたのは、朝起きて携帯の電源を入れた時に読んだ着信メッセージ。30年来の友人が亡くなった、と。    

over the rainbow

We spent our time together when we were young, vibrant, fragile, and full of hope. We got old and wise. Memories, however, never wane, and you remain beautiful. For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Bridge.  

via dolorosa

They got divorced right around the time I lost my husband. Our circumstances were slightly different – I referred to my late husband and them to their ex-husbands, and I couldn’t even ask a simple question to mine whereas they had to keep in communication with theirs to discuss legal issues. We, however, were all…


… showers to sunny, then a chance of thunderstorms.   For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Sunny and weekly photo challenge, Delta.  


People, emotions and electromagnetism, things don’t stay. They come and go.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Transient.


“You last updated your profile 2,626 weeks ago.”