… showers to sunny, then a chance of thunderstorms.   For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Sunny and weekly photo challenge, Delta.  


People, emotions and electromagnetism, things don’t stay. They come and go.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Transient.


“You last updated your profile 2,626 weeks ago.”  


He sniffs my mouth, and I pat his head. He pants, and I place the choke chain around his neck and grab the end of the leash. “Let’s go.” We stride out into the crisp air and cool mist, and our footsteps break the hush of early morning. On our usual path, we slow down…

out of focus

I wake up in the morning and ask myself, “Am I ready to humiliate myself again?” That’s how it is, to live. Only a few details I can see, the rest is a blur.       For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Focus.  


Palm fronds swing in a tune of Utopia. The scent of gardenia croons in euphoria. And, blue meets blue far, far away. I live in paradise, with monophobia. I know I make some friends worry when I go dark and deep. They are good to me, and I am fortunate to have them in my…

my boy

You have been a good boy since you were a puppy. “Good watchdog,” he called you. Underneath that protecting demeanor, baring teeth, and fervent barks, I see your tender heart. You’re my scared, timid dog, who loves me in your own peculiar way. You’re my boy.     For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Tender…


The first kiss was special. The second kiss was subtle. The third kiss proved crucial. The fourth kiss echoed more. The fifth kiss dared to explore. The sixth kiss uttered a roar. The seventh kiss comforted. The eighth kiss confided. The ninth kiss felt legit. The tenth kiss was too ornate. The eleventh kiss, to…

frame of mind

Live obliviously or think aloud? Being mindful stresses me out. My head becomes too congested. I wish, one day, we all could acknowledge that we are all beautiful in different ways – different colors and shapes, various disadvantages and imperfections, diverse talents and abilities, and all sorts of minds and hearts.     非日常が日常な人や時もある。  


… couldn’t pick just one. For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Friend. “This week, share an image of a friend. ”    

a new day

“What do you do all day all by yourself?” “Oh, you know…. I write. (Do I?) I paint. (Do I?) I take care of the house (I don’t.) and dogs.” It’s torture, torment, but, I don’t have enough superiority complex to tell them, “None of your business,” or the smarts to retort, “I breathe.” It…


I grew up surrounded by love, unconditional love. I never doubt if my family would be there for me. Because they loved me so, my parents raised me to conform to the society’s norms. That way, they thought, I would lead a happy life. My husband despised anyone trying to fit in and respected the…