For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Danger!  


I’m glad it’s raining. I’ll laze around, not showered, until some inspiration moves my fingers. I don’t have to do anything. I can’t mow or wash dogs … it’s raining! My life is that bland and boring when it IS happening. When you have a job you keep to pay bills, families you tolerate, a…


  I look up at the cloudless clear sky. Cheery. Pleasant. Upbeat. I wish for overcast.     調子に乗るくらい幸せになりたい。    


With thick dark clouds threatening, I walk towards the colossal rainbow. It bridges the sky from south to west. The closer I get, the taller and mightier it gets. While the rest of the sky is dreary, as if to encourage me, its inviting glow is reaching out. I smile luminously. Then, the colors start…

no destination

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” ~Drake  For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Wanderlust.

first love

  You loved hard, and you’re scarred. Now you know the colors of heart, – bright, vivid, dark and plain, you will find love again.   君が残してくれたもの。 君が教えてくれたこと。  


What have I accomplished in a half century? Nothing. I putz around so that I wouldn’t choke on anxiety. I smirk when I get nauseous from loneliness. I blink for tears well up fogging my sight. I am oscillating between reality and a memoir. The reflection in a mirror bows the streaks-of-white-showing, unkempt, hoary head….


…earthearthearthearthearth… For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Earth.


They don’t know what it’s like to live in misery. They tell me to get out. Oh, wait. They don’t tell me. They don’t care. You’d probably want to have your happy life back if it’s taken. If all you do is reminisce though, you crave a chance to start a new life. We all…


Spring and summer make me anxious. I sense the excitement, anticipation, giddiness, prospect, all the things I dread. I like fall. I don’t care if I shall die without accomplishing anything magnificent. I don’t seem to be able to pick up right now. I wouldn’t change a thing. All the mistakes I forfeited, all the…


I take pictures with my iphone and never know what I get. It could be a pleasant surprise.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Surprise.