tempting fate

I wish I had gone through with it.   Advertisements


  Myths and lies are three-dimensioned and four-walled and require five senses. I believe in imagination.   For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Believe. 期待は期待はずれの元だから。  

the only one

  “You shall receive anything you desire,” she said. “Anything?” I queried. “Yes. A big toy, a small toy, anything.” “… Anything I want. …” “Anything. But, you must choose only one.” “I have one.” “Well?” I whispered the word into her ear. “But, you know what you’ll lose in exchange?” she studied my face….

how pedestrian

… she says. For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Pedestrian.  

love is …

Don’t break me … Don’t fix me … Stay with me.   For The Daily Post’s daily prompt, Deny.  

alone in a crowd

  Nature suffocates me. Humans isolate me. I prefer to stand alone, looking up at the sky, in the middle of a bustling city. 大自然の中で息苦しくなり、人間社会ではあまりにも孤独だから、いっそ、せわしい街中で、一人で空を見上げていたい。  

a vanishing act

  Something inside me popped, dissolved, and died. The residue spread like a dark stain on a white shirt, getting bigger and larger, giving way. I waited for the stubborn struggle to dissipate, but, in the end, it closed in on me. Forgotten or despised, which is better? “Who is this?” or “I never liked…


  When the first one fell, I cried. It tugged at my heart. Why does something so vibrant have to perish, I thought. I felt frightened. Then, I got used to it. Daily grind numbs your soul and makes you oblivious to many things. Dozens could be falling, and I didn’t even notice anymore. Remnants…

I am what I eat

 … layered, dark, and crumbly.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Layered, and daily prompt, Crumb .  

exit this way

  I am looking for a door. I don’t know whether I lost sight somewhere along the way or it never existed. I am looking for a door. It doesn’t matter where it might lead me, so long as it opens to a new place. I am looking for a door. I don’t wanna be…


  My husband and I used to say that we were cheating. I was married to an old guy without money, and his Japanese wife (me!) was anything but obedient and submissive. We broke the mold. Is being different same as being disobedient? If you do not follow the crowd, are you a rebel? I…