A missing egg… Being alone is good for you. Healthy, I think. But, being alone too much makes you hear yourself loud and see yourself “as is.” I don’t want to see the reality or hear the truth… 独りになって、 本当の自分の姿を見るのが、 恐い。   In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Rule of Thirds.”     Continue reading truth/真の姿

marital status — 既婚/独身

For a long time, I was “married.” First time I had to indicate my marital status after my husband passed, I was confused. There was no “widowed” status. So, I chose “single.” “Single”, “married” and “divorced” are often choices, but “widowed” usually isn’t. We are left to create our identity after the fact. Keep “Mrs.” or change to “Ms.”? How about last name? Does the ring come off? It … Continue reading marital status — 既婚/独身